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    Welcome To The Forum!



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    Welcome To The Forum!

    Post by Admin on Tue Apr 14, 2015 2:33 am

    Welcome to the Forum!

    Today I have decided that I wanted to give back to the community by creating Xylo's First Forum, I want this forum to be the place where you can get your voice heard within the community.

    I've created 4 different sections of the forum.

    SmallTalk- SmallTalk is where you can talk about things happening within the hotel, where from the new welcome room and to the fun stuff thats been happening lately.

    Announcements- We're Forum Administrators and Hotel Staffs  post new article about ROTW articles, hiring articles, and all the important stuff.

    Ban Appeal - The section of the forum where banned players go to appeal there ban. Whether Ban was unfair or for no reason. Or you've changed and want to come back to Xylo. This Section of the forum will always be available to you.

    Ask the Staff- The Section of the Forum where users post questions and Forum Admin and Hotel Staff will answer your questions.

    Thanks for using Xylo's First Forums.


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