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    SmallTalk Rules



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    SmallTalk Rules

    Post by Admin on Tue Apr 14, 2015 2:44 am

    Welcome to The SmallTalk Section of the forums where you can get your voice heard!

    We only have a few rules that we want you to follow here in SmallTalk.

    1. Cursing and Swearing - We want to keep things nice and welcoming, so that means we don't want you cursing! We want to welcome new users to Xylo and it's forums with a warm message.

    2. No Bullying - Bullying is not a nice thing and should not be tolerated here.

    3. Create multiple posts or threads on the same topic in order to gain attention to an issue.

    4. Create a personal ad seeking another individual for companionship.

    5. Post personal messages to another player, we have in game private message for that purpose.

    6. Create a post to advise you are leaving the game. Tell your friends privately as the forums are not to be used as a personal message center.

    Forum Standards:
    Respect – Respect others as you would like to be respected. Personal attacks of any kind are not acceptable; this includes trolling, insulting, instigating fights, flaming and swearing of any kind. At times you may disagree with another player, but be respectful.

    Privacy – Never share your login, password, email, real name or any personal information. Never post private chat logs, emails, and or private information that belongs to another person. In addition, never post real life pictures or videos of yourself.

    Once you follow these forum rules and standards you're free to do as you please.

    -Mario (Forum Manager)

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